Typical Challenges

More and more multinational companies are considering or implementing centralised structures such commissionaires structures, shared service centres, ‘SE’ Societas Europaea. FleetCentral can help align this.

The aligned strategic objectives these structures could deliver in general are:

  • Simplification of company structure
  • Simplification of fiscal and financial processes
  • Standardisation of fleet processes
  • Centralisation of external fleet costs
  • No impact on company car/individual employer
  • Facilitated by new VAT rules for place of supply of services
  • But how would this apply to your current fleet structure?

But how would this apply to your current fleet structure?

Our Solution

The objective of our involvement is to evaluate the feasibility of the centralisation of fleet management processes and to define a a blueprint of your potential future centralized fleet structure. This includes the mapping of risks, barriers, advantages, disadvantages for the different alternatives to implement and operate a center of excellence.

We will assist you with your cost/benefit analysis, implementation plan and help you to proactive identify possible change management issues and resolve them

How it works

Create your centre of excellence!

Our objective is to assist and guide you through the centralization project of your fleet management processes from the feasibility study up to final implementation.

We are with you at every stage of the process.


  • Mapping of fleet processes, risk, barriers and potential savings in the countries in scope
  • Design of a blueprint of the future organization. “What central, what local”
  • Discussion and agreement on the feasibility phase


  • Reconfirmation of blueprint and estimated savings
  • Gap analysis “AS IS” and blueprint
  • High level action and implementation plan
  • Identification of cost
  • Cost/benefit
  • Discussion and sign off


  • Deliver detailed implementation and action plan
  • Define stakeholders and sponsors
  • Verify senior management support
  • Agree project initiation document
  • Execute