Typical challenges

In a market place where globalisation is more and more apparent, understanding where your fleet is in meeting your KPI’s becomes more complex with multiple suppliers, supply chains, regions, countries, divisions and legal entities. Your data is scattered to say the least. FleetCube can help consolidate this.

TCOPlus has a solid track record on consolidating on behalf of its customers global fleet data from the key providers in the market place. Therefore, TCOPlus has gained a unique position as an established fleet data consolidator.

Our solution – FleetCube

Based on the success of GreenCube, our Global CO2 tax efficiency dashboard, TCOPlus decided to provide the market with the added value global reporting solution called, FleetCube.

FleetCube allows international fleet decision makers to get insight in the their consolidated international fleet data and digested information in a few mouse clicks. It will provide immediate insights in key figures and performance indicators.

Our unique position expertise and know how don’t not only allow the collect the relevant data for our customers global fleet but also to translate this data into information, bringing unmatched global fleet intelligence and translating identified trends into transparent and clear cut actionable strategic decisions and execution.

How it works

Become the best informed fleet hero!

The basic principle is to show you and your company consolidated trends, KPI’s and details of your fleet. Fleetcube puts you in the position to make better informed decisions.


As a unique part of our solution we collect on behalf of our customers the data that is required to provide relevant strategic fleet dashboards. This outsourcing brings significant efficiency improvements and matches the geographic footprint of our customers.


Our sophisticated ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) tools check all input in consistency and anomalies. Any deviations are captured in reporting which can conveniently be shared with the data providers allowing manageable KPI’s that can be monitored over time and enhances supplier management by providing clear feedback and trend lines on data quality and consistency.


FleetCube is based on OLAP cube technology. An OLAP cube is a set of data, organized in a way that facilitates non-predetermined queries for aggregated information, or in other words, online analytical processing, best positioned to support business intelligence. Our customers data is stored at an professional data centre solution meeting Bank and Governmental standards. Secured by two fire walls and strict authentication processes, security measures meet and exceed fleet data requirements.


Dashboards that allow you to zoom in on any dimension of your corporate and/or geographic structure proved you the information you need to support your international fleet programmes and strategies. Fleet size, composition, supplier volumes, spend, spend trendlines, CO2 emisions, mileage deviations. Its all in embedded in FleetCube, helping you to make better informed decission and create powerfull graphic presentations for you board and team meetings.


We understand that working with your international team and internal customers is a key driver for your fleet project success. With shared annotations you can highlight data elements in the reporting tool and add your bespoke comments to share with your team or as a “note to self”. You can even set alerts on certain data sets to call for your attention if certain thresholds or data points are met or exceeded. For each data point or full dashboard you are four mouse clicks away from storing your data on your desired location in a PowerPoint, Graphics, Excel or CSV format.

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