Typical challenges

The continuous search for reducing the environmental impact of using vehicles has resulted in a number of different powertrains. All of these have their specific user profiles and usage benefits and limitations. In previous years, with a C02 emission driven taxation policy and car focused fleet management strategy, diesel seemed to be the one size fits all answer in the majority of European fleet markets.

Today, however, based on government policies and incentives, improved residual values and increasing fuel costs, alternative powertrains are becoming an attractive part of a sustainable fleet strategy.

In order to successfully do so, a more driver focused approach is necessary considering the mobility patterns of company vehicle drivers. These patterns should be mapped against the typical user profiles for the different powertrains and the related TCO (plus taxes) calculations. Additionally, alternative powertrains require adaptations within the car policy in order to reflect the specialities derived from the new technology.

Our solution – FleetScan

TCOPlus will assist in evaluating the feasibility to include alternative powertrains in the company vehicle fleet. Our unique approach covers:

  • A tailored TCO calculation including tax effects of the different alternative powertrains based on  the company fleet policy
  • An assessment of the mobility patterns for the employees in scope by means of online questionnaires, respecting any privacy sensitivity
  • Matching the mobility patterns with the typical user profiles of the alternative powertrains and with the related TCO (Plus taxes) calculations
  • Providing an optimised fleet situation including alternative powertrains in terms of TCO, driver satisfaction and environmental footprint

FleetScan will provide the following advantages for our customers’ experience:

  • An approach to evaluate including alternative powertrains in the company fleet policy
  • Insights in the TCO, plus taxes, of the different alternative powertrains
  • Insights in the mobility patterns of the company vehicle drivers, respecting any privacy sensitivity
  • Optimised results in terms of TCO, driver satisfaction and the environmental footprint of the company fleet
  • The ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ for a successful implementation of these alternative powertrains as part of an individualised policy guideline
  • An answer to any CSR company objectives
  • A positive image in terms of employer branding

How FleetScan works

FleetScan in action
A 3 step process that drives results for your company and your employees.