Typical challenges

Being given the project to translate your global Corporate Social Responsibility or Environmental program into an effective Fleet Strategy is not as straight forward as it sounds. You have to be able to understand local best practices, capture and apply the local direct and indirect taxation regulations and be able to translate you objectives into tangible CO2 and fuel cost reductions.

Frequently local push back is being received on how complicated things are in their market place. Therefore our customers are highly valuating that GreenCube is helping them to overcome these challenges with a solution that paints the full picture and provides a solid business case.

Our Solution – Greencube

GreenCube is designed to help the international fleet team to make to transition from a global CSR or Environmental program to local policy parameters. provides the employer with a framework enabling the monitoring and control of the total cost of the fleet. Maximum CO2 levels for each level in your policy are set along with incentives in place for your drivers making the right choices. This could also be achieved by partly reinvesting the corporate savings generated by taxations and fuel cost reductions.

Global standards on emission levels are also set, allowing local implementation of vehicles meeting the global requirements.This takes into account current and future trends without impact on the attractiveness of the cars as remuneration tool.

GreenCube will provide:

  • Solid business case to acquire senior management signoff
  • Clear dashboard that display you local fleet specifics and opportunities
  • Full insight into you global CO2 footprint and future objectives
  • Optional tracking of your programme over time measured against your targets

How it works

Become a fleet hero!

The basic principle is to show you and your company the best way to operate your fleet to ensure you achieve your CSR goal. We are with you at every stage of the process.


Using industry data standards, your fleet data is securely imported into our database. Data is then checked to ensure it complies with agreed specifics and demographics agreed at the start. Once validated, the next stage can begin.


Based on the data gathered in Phase I various country by country scenarios will be rendered and evaluated. Embedded key parameters are CO2 footprint, fuel budgets,car taxation, corporate and benefit in kind taxation. This will be done for each country and will be consolidated on a European level.


Based on the data gathered at the “what if analysis” stage, we will embed your applied or desired CSR strategy. Our tool will render instant results on both a country and a consolidated European level of strategies set. Adjustments requested by your sponsors at board level will generate instant recalculations to show the impact of each decision made. Your business case is presented interactively. You can present the savings potential based on your target CO2 reduction, fuel and taxation savings. This outcome will be matched with the CO2 reduction potential. Essentially, our tool will allow you to easily match envisaged savings versus cost of improvement processes and changed policies.


The targets are set, the change management begins. With our experience in change management and full understanding of market specifics, realistic implementation strategies and plans will be designed and executed to deliver results.


Now that changes are made and policies adopted, you will want to measure compliancy and results. We will help you measure and control this by regular trend analysis and gap identification between goals and “As is”. Our TCOplus tool will assist you to measure the missed or additional savings resulting from respectively not attaining set goals/objectives or over scoring. This makes the program full circle, starting again with stage 1.

See it an action