Adding the Plus to your business

Supercharge your TCO and reduce fleet costs!

Are fleet costs on your agenda? Our solutions go beyond the traditional TCO approach. Taking TCO to the next level is what we like to call ‘TCOPlus’.

TCOPlus solutions are based on our Award Winning technology that allows you to dive deep into your fleet data to fully realise what is really going on. GreenCube, FleetCube and FleetCentral are  tools you need for your fleet toolbox. Discover how we analyse you fleet costs to reduce your overall spend.

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Spreadsheets are ok – but there is a better way

TCOPlus dashboards

Time to move away from Spreadsheets?

The key to TCOPlus and how it can benefit your business is how we you analyse data. We like spreadsheets but our dashboards really tell the story.

Our suite of tools allows your fleet data to come alive like never before. Gone are 1000’s of rows of data in an excel spreadsheet. We use powerful dashboards to visualise your data with deep data mining to show trend analysis and highlight any issues that may be there.

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Latest News

Greencube 2020

This latest generation, called GreenCube2020, allows fleet operators to model a host of ‘what if’ scenarios to ensure that their fleets comply in plenty of time with the 2020 CO2 benchmark. Once, this might have been achievable through the exclusive use of the latest generation of diesel cars.